The Follow-up Committee on Arab Education

The Follow-up Committee on Arab Education (FUCAE) was established in 1984 following a decision given by the Supreme Follow-up Committee for Arabs in Israel. The Committee serves as a professional body addressing the educational and pedagogic issues pertaining to the Palestinian Arab community in Israel, under the patronage of the National Committee for the Heads of Arab Local Authorities.

Among the principal objectives FUCAE strives to achieve are realizing equality for Arab education and enhancing it on all levels, following-up the performance of the educational Arab system in terms of organizational structure, efficacy and qualification, pedagogic policy and administration , and raising the awareness of the parents and the community to the educational process as well as promoting their involvement, aiming by this to change the condition and situation of Arab education on all levels starting with changing its objectives, structure , content, curricula, and enhancing its physical and professional infrastructure, and ending with achieving substantive equality and equality of opportunities in state budget and resource allocation.

The Follow-up Committee’s board includes public electors (Knesset members and heads of local councils), academics, and pedagogues, heads of Education Departments in local councils, representatives of Teachers’ Organization and Union, the National Union of Arab Parents’ Committees, the National Union of University Students, school principals and directors of NGOs, as well as delegates of associations active in the area of Arab education.

Strategic Agenda :
Establishing an official Directorate for Arab Education with complete authority, rights, responsibilities and resources on the level of ministries and districts.
Establishing an Arab Pedagogic Council by the side of the official Directorate for Arab Education
Substantive equality, equality of opportunities, closing of gaps in infrastructure, labor force, sources and services.
Development of Arab educational and pedagogic leadership in local authority, academia, and civil society.

Main Projects:
Follow-up project: Advocacy of Arab community’s rights to education in Israel before the government, Knesset and media.
Arab Pedagogic Council : Changing the structure, goals and content of Arab education
Education Now: Empowerment of early childhood staffs and mothers in unrecognized villages in the Negev area in the south
Education for Identity: An extra-curricular program aimed at boosting the nationalistic identity and affiliation as well as the collective memory
Youth Debate : Educational debates among Arab high school and university students
Access : A program of English language empowerment in high schools
Research Program- Applied research in the field of educational and pedagogic policies
"Arab Education Issues": An annual publication
Partnership with Mubadara- The Arab Center for Emergency , and Dirasat, the Arab Center for Law and Policy